Referral Rewards Program

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There is no greater honor then when someone refers Lilliam Yambo Photography to their family and friends, I can't THANK YOU enough!! Your support means the world to me and the REFERRAL REWARDS PROGRAM is a way I can give back to YOU!! 

YAYYYY! Now you can earn rewards to use towards your own photo session!

Here is how the program works, please read this thoroughly so you fully understand: 

Referrals Reward Amount: 

$ 5 >> Traditional Headshot business photos 

$10 >> Modern Headshot business photos

$15 >>  Real Estate Photos

$20 >> Portraits like Family - Maternity - Engagement - QuinceaƱera...

$40 >> Events booked by hour, 3 hour min.

$50 >> QuinceaƱera Package , 3 hour min.

$50 >> Wedding Package, 3 hour min.

1. Tell everyone you know about Lilliam Yambo Photography and let them know when they call to mention that you sent them, I will need them to give me your full name and phone number so I can call you about your reward coming up when they book the session. Another way is If you can let me know you referred someone and I would need their full name so when they call me I know who referred them. 

2. Referral rewards will be given to referred person after session booked and successfully completed their session and full payment was done. Then CHA-CHING you just earned some rewards money!!!

3. Reward certificate will be emailed to referral recipient, a confirmation will be needed that you received the certificate. Hold on to the certificate in a safe place you know it won't be lost.

Here are more details:

* There are NO LIMIT to the amount of referral rewards you can earn. 

* You can use/redeem your rewards towards any type of session, including weddings.

* Referral rewards must be used within 1 year from the date of the reward.

* Referral rewards are transferrable however I need to know ahead of time who you are transferring to and amount.

* Referral rewards cannot be redeemed for monetary value or any other services, prints other than photo session only. 

* Referral rewards cannot be used as a deposit for session.

* Once client was referred by one person and booked session, they cannot refer same person again in the future, must be a new client.

* Any copies or duplicates of same certificate will not be allowed and will forfeit you from any other rewards earned and from earning future referral rewards

 Program will start July 12, 2020, no past sessions booked already and past referrals will be rewarded, sorry but moving forward after today yes, what a great opportunity now to get some rewards!! You will be responsible to assuring you received your reward and hold on to it. Save it in an email or file, once reward is given no additional replacement will be given.  

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