Juan & Camil Wedding - Lilliam Yambo

April 29, 2014

A LOVE that was meant to be!! Juan & Camil met at a praise/worship rehearsal, Juan is the drummer and Camil was the singer. They soon knew that they were the "ONE" for one another. There wedding on March 15, 2014 was just STUNNING! Camil made such a gorgeous bride as she wore her mothers wedding dress when she got married, what an honor is this, Camil had her dressed changed a little to give it that modern look and WOW this dress was just beautiful with all the details and a nice long train.

Camil's father not only walked her down the isle but also officiated the ceremony, you can't ask for better than your own father giving your the blessings at your own wedding, as you can see this wedding was not only a start of two beautiful people uniting as one but it also had so many sentimental meanings. OH and of course it was a lot of FUN, Camil & Juan share some amazing dancing moves as there first dance and the guest enjoyed a fun celebration.

May God's blessing be there daily guide on there marriage, I thank them for allowing me to be the person telling the story of there wedding day thru my camara!

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