February 20, 2014

Love the LAUGHTER, FUN & FASHION statement that a girl at almost 6 years of age has!! Ariana loves Claire's store, it is like the Disney of accesories for her. Ariana went to the store and said Titi (Aunt) which is me can I please have these pink gloves as my friends cousin have a pair and I LOVE them, well when she looks up at me with her big black eyes giving me the puppy eye look what is a Titi to do, of course she also wanted half of the store too, LOL! So happens that she had a cute Girls Rock outfit that the gloves went perfect with, we had so much fun doing the photo shoot and she definetely made such a cute FASHION statement with her pink glove. Just love how she is growing with a Titi that photograph her regularly and how she is learning to pose, who knows maybe a future model in the making!! Here is Ariana with her FUN-LAUGHING & FASHION statement just before VALENTINES DAY!! Mommy & Daddy picture gifts, WOOP WOOP!


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